CBC Eval

CBC Eval

CBC EVAL®  Platform

The basis of success for all CBC engagements is the application of a tried and proven platform. Key elements of our  platform include:

Listening and truly understanding real estate goals of our investors and clients is a hallmark of CBC’s approach. Using the vast professional resources of CBC, we can create value for our Investors and Clients either as Experienced Developer, Trusted Counselors, Knowledgeable Brokers, Trained Property Managers, Fiduciary Investment Managers or other real estate related services.

The only way to determine success is to have set measurable goals and measure your production against the same. CBC, understanding the goals of our Investors and Clients will set forth a deliberate plan of action by which we can all proceed. We, of course need to maintain flexibility, but will at the same time have defined goals.

All real estate projects are complex requiring seasoned observation from many different angles identifying the road block and pit falls. In all transactions our team of professionals will assemble the right team for the right project to weigh the various risk factors including; Feasibility, Financing, Legal, Design, Construction, Tenant, Market and ongoing Management of the project.

Once a project is deemed viable via the CBC EVAL® process the balance of our platform is applied including: A network of accredited real estate investors, One to one working relationships with municipalities and best-of-class team of real estate professionals. CBC brings the highest level of discipline to the implementation of all projects. The success of all projects can and will be measured by three basic factors; Budget, Schedule and Scope. Within our company, we marry the use of current hardware/software technology with our experience in management of some of the region’s largest and most complex projects.

Whether for our Investors, our Clients or on our own behalf, a major tenant of CBC is to create long term value through our actions. The CBC platform ensures success for all key stakeholders, while maintaining acceptable financial performance, in each engagement.

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